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Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment and Tracking Services

Wheels that are balanced and properly aligned can enhance steering and handling, boost fuel economy, and extend the life of your tyres. A Shirehampton Motors Wheel Alignment service will make your ride more comfortable and help keep your car on the road for longer.

What’s Included with a full 4 Wheel Laser Alignment Service

Our full 4 wheel laser alignment service is performed within 60 minutes and applies to any vehicle make or model.

  • State of the art 4 wheel Laser Alignment and Tracking
  • Printed report to take away
  • Prolongs life of tyres Improves fuel efficiency
  • Reduced wear on suspension components
  • All makes and models of cars
  • Completed within 60 minutes

Is your vehicle pulling to one side?

In addition to making for an uncomfortable ride, potholes, bumpy roads, and the rare collision with a curb can also cause your wheels to become misaligned. Incorrectly positioned wheels might lead your car to pull to one side, making steering corrections necessary all the time. It may be an alignment issue if your car continually pulls to one side, especially when you apply the brakes.

The steering wheel rack may annoyably vibrate or “shimmy” due to improper alignment. Uneven tire wear might also result from out-of-alignment wheels on your car. The tyres will lose grip on the road and wear down unevenly and more quickly, especially in inclement weather. Misaligned wheels might end up costing you time, money, and frustrations if you ignore them.

How often should you check wheel alignment?

The alignment, drivetrain, and suspension should all be examined concurrently with an oil change, according to vehicle makers. Nonetheless, it is advisable to be safe and have your vehicle’s wheel alignment tested as soon as possible after the occurrence because many alignment difficulties are frequently the consequence of a specific incident, such as driving over a pothole or hitting a curb.