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DuxBack Screen Protect

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What is Duxback Windscreen treatment?

Duxback is a ground-breaking glass treatment that gives vehicle glass a “hydrophobic” appearance. A Duxback treatment, which was originally created for aviation and applied to Boeing cockpit glass, significantly increases safety while driving in torrential rain, especially at night. Rain will be blown straight off the windshield at speeds exceeding 40 mph, negating the need for wipers. Ice will either not adhere to the glass throughout the winter or will be considerably simpler to remove.

Driving in torrential rain increases visibility by 35%, according to research. Furthermore, driving in bad weather improves a driver’s capacity to spot a small item by 25%. At 40 mph, an increase of 25% in reaction time equals 58 feet. sufficient to save a life!

Duxback is a certified product

The world’s largest independent testing and evaluation organization, TÜG Thüringen, has certified and authorized Duxback. recognized by authorities, businesses, and automakers like Ford, Volkswagen, FIAT, Mitsubishi, and BMW