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Interim Service

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Services Overview

Our specialized abilities and unrivaled experience serve as a guide for the care and attention to detail displayed by Shirehampton Motors Bristol professionals. designed especially for maintaining and repairing your automobile to keep it working at its best. Your pride and pleasure will receive the service it deserves thanks to the manufacturer OEM authorized components used by the Shirehampton Motors Bristol  Interim Service. All of this was done in an hour for less money than you may anticipate.

Every 6,000 miles, we advise the interim service to keep your car running smoothly and guarantee it is dependable and safe in between full maintenance. Particularly for often occurring, short-distance town driving.

The 32-point Vehicle Health Check included in our Interim Service involves an examination of your brakes, steering, and suspension tire condition. Every fluid level has been topped off and your engine’s oil replaced.

Our family-friendly customer lounge provides free coffee, the newest magazines, and high-speed Wi-Fi while you wait.