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Ad Blue Top-up

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AdBlue Top Up Service

AdBlue® is a product that reduces the Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions that your diesel engine produces. This novel remedy is poured into a separate tank within the vehicle. AdBlue® chemically transforms harmful Nitrogen Oxide into inert Nitrogen (N2) and Water (H20), allowing you to produce fewer emissions and have a less environmental effect.

Who needs to use AdBlue® fluid?

AdBlue® is suitable with modern diesel vehicles equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). To indicate that they use AdBlue® in conjunction with other fuel economy techniques, manufacturers will use their own language. These include BMW’s BluePerformance Technology, VW’s BlueMotion, Ford’s EcoBlue, and Vauxhall’s BlueInjection. All of which call for consistent AdBlue® fluid levels.

Where can I get AdBlue® fluid?

We invite all of our clients to stop at Shirehampton Motors to have one of our qualified technicians fill the tank and make a recommendation for the best course of action. The good news is that AdBlue® tank refills are now only £1 per liter, making them more affordable than ever before. Driving that is clean and environmentally beneficial costs less than you might expect.