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Book Car Tyres Online With Local Fitting

Any brand of tires can be ordered and installed on your car on the same day. Standard tire sizes are available from our inventory, however, specialty or high-performance tires must be purchased and delivered to us within an hour. The following are included in our tyre fitting service:

  • All trusted brands of tyres available for any car
  • Full wheel balancing included
  • New tyre valve fitted ( excludes TPMS )
  • Environmental disposal of your old tyres

4 Wheel Laser Alignment and Tracking

After installing new tires, we advise 4-wheel laser alignment and tracking for high-end and performance automobiles. This guarantees that every wheel is perfectly aligned to a very tight tolerance. The cost of 4 Wheel Laser Alignment is £50 per axle, hence we advise combining it with the installation of new tires. Shirehampton Motors Bristol provides the best 4 Wheel Laser Alignment.

Flat Tyre Repair

Depending on the extent of the puncture or tyre damage, we might be able to fix a puncture in some cases. This choice might be accessible and can significantly reduce replacement costs. Before letting you know if this option is available, we must first thoroughly inspect the tyre.