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Vehicle Health Check

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Vehicle health check

With our vehicle health check, you can maintain the functionality of your automobile and avert breakdowns.

Our top priority is your road safety. For this reason, we provide a free visual safety examination.

Your car operates at its best when it is well-maintained, but some of the most frequent breakdown-related factors include low batteries and broken tires. Regular inspection of these components can readily prevent problems from happening.

Our skilled professionals carry out a vehicle safety inspection. You’ll get a thorough written report after everything is done.

What do we check?

We check the following as part of every Vehicle Safety Inspection check.

  • Battery - Check the battery condition and charge to ensure your car start properly the first time.
  • Tyres - Check overall condition of all tyres, including tread depth and pressure.
  • Coolant & Anti-Freeze - Check the strength and level.
  • Wiper Blades - Check for splits, cracking or damage.
  • Windscreen washer system - Check level of screen-wash. (we also top this up as standard)
  • Light bulbs - Check all bulbs ensuring correct opertion.

Once the checks have been completed our technicians will provide you with a clear report.

Your VHC Results explained?

Your car will be evaluated once it has gone through the VHC using a traffic light system to indicate its condition and determine whether any additional steps need to be made.

Every place looked at will be labeled as either:

  • Green - No action required.
  • Amber - May require attention now or at a later date.
  • Red - Requires immediate attention

To arrange, please book online or contact Shirehampton Motors Bristol.