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Air Conditioning Service

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Air Conditioning Recharge and Refresh

The efficient operation of your car’s air conditioning system is essential to maintaining a pleasant and germ-free interior. Your automobile may feel stuffy and hot if the air conditioning isn’t functioning properly. Having a functioning air conditioner keeps you and your traveling companions cool and comfortable. The specialists at Shirehampton Motors Bristol are extremely skilled in thorough air conditioning service and re-gassing and can evaluate the air conditioning system in your car.

What’s Included with an Shirehampton Motors Air Conditioning Service

We visually check for cracks, leaks, or corrosion on the serpentine belt, the drive belt for the air conditioner, and all other components that are readily accessible. Next, we examine the compressor’s performance. If no leaks or damage are found, the refrigerant gas is then drained, vacuum tested, and then recharged with the proper refrigerant gas for your car. We also advise an additional decontaminate procedure to eradicate any microorganisms.

  • Full system operation check
  • Full system pressure check
  • Drain, & Vacuum system
  • Check for leaks
  • Recharge refrigerant gas and inject oil
  • All makes and models of cars
  • Completed within 60 minutes

Cool, Calm and Conditioned

Every two years, according to your vehicle’s manufacturer, you should recharge your air conditioning system. It is critical to remember to manually include recharging the system as part of your vehicle’s normal maintenance because this system is not examined as part of the MOT test or scheduled service.

Your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system may require a new type of refrigerant gas

R1234yf is the new, lower-emission air conditioning standard for all vehicles made for EU nations beginning in 2013. It was created in collaboration with all major automakers. The most advanced R1234yf units, which exceed the highest criteria for performance, safety, and efficiency, are now installed in every Shirehampton Motors Bristol.

Our professionals will check the proper type of air conditioning gas for your automobile when they arrive. We will notify you in advance if you booked the incorrect kind of gas and that you could be required to pay the difference for the new, more appropriate type of gas for your vehicle. If your automobile requires the older R134a gas but you bought it online for the R1234yf gas, we will promptly reimburse the difference.

Shirehampton Motors Air Conditioning Refresh

In the evaporator of your car’s air conditioning system, bacteria, mold, and even mushrooms can grow over time. Bad scents and unpleasant smells may result from this. When passengers in the car’s interior breathe in the spores, it occasionally causes nausea and respiratory issues.

The evaporator and A/C system of your car are cleaned as part of our A/C Debug and Cleaning procedure using a unique anti-bacterial solution. The Air Conditioning Service includes this procedure for an extra £20.