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Car and Van Batteries

In the event that you need a new car battery, Shirehampton Motors offers a comprehensive replacement service and will properly dispose of your old battery in accordance with stringent environmental regulations. The only source of electricity to start your car is your battery, which powers all of your car’s electrical systems. One of the main causes of breakdown calls in the UK, particularly on chilly winter mornings, is dead batteries.

Car Batteries at Shirehampton Motors Bristol

Vehicle batteries typically last 4-5 years at their optimum efficiency, and cold weather accelerates the decline in battery life. When a battery dies, it usually happens when you least expect it—during the morning commute or during the school run. We advise you to frequently check the condition of your battery, and fortunately, replacing a battery is simple and quick.

While replacing your battery, we also do a winter check or a battery and alternator performance check. Most vehicles are covered by the batteries we keep on hand, and many more are available at our major suppliers in only 30 minutes. It’s crucial to install the proper battery in your car rather than just the cheapest one. The demands placed on a car batteries have increased significantly over the years as more and more cars become start/stop vehicles.